Creativity in early childhood has numerous benefits, some of which include;

heightened curiosity and imagination, problem solving and early scientific thinking, development of fine and gross motor skills, good pencil grip and scissor skills, decision making, self-expression and communication skills.

Parental Involvement​

Parental Involvement is an important part of Kids Get Crafty classes.

Not only is it fun and endlessly rewarding to participate in the activities with your child, research shows that there are many benefits.


Shared early creative activities can strengthen parent-child bonds and provide a positive focus for shared experiences and communication.


As well as fine and gross motor development, early creativity helps children to make sense of the world around them and can impact positively on their confidence and self esteem, social and emotional development.

Parental involvement makes Kids Get Crafty classes friendly, sociable occasions. Over the term we get to know each other and create an encouraging support network.


“Kids Get Crafty is a fantastic idea. I always feel guilty that I don't do enough art and craft with my little one, but I'm not very creative. Now I can take her to Kids Get Crafty every week and know that she's getting great creative experiences.”

Amanda Hanson

"I highly recommend this class, very well organised and nicely structured.  Susie is wonderful with the kids.  My daughters LOVED coming to this class and enjoyed the different techniques they learned each week.  They are proud of the crafts they made and all the things they learned."

Class Structure

Term 4, 2020 ($200 for the term.  Mid term enrolments can be arranged where spaces are available)


Kids Get Crafty is now taking bookings for Term 4, 2020  enrolments, for 2-5yr olds. (We can be a little flexible with this age range).


Classes run for 1 hour each week and offer a variety of carefully planned creative activities to foster the imagination and build on important skills.


Each week's class will be centred around a theme such as animals, colours, space, nursery rhymes, to name a few. Children will have the opportunity to draw, paint, build, create and explore in the safe, nurturing environment.


All the art and craft supplies and equipment, including protective clothing for children and adults is provided.

Kids Get Crafty takes care of everything!

Fulla M AlHamdan